Volunteer Spotlight – Dorothy Martinez

Last month we talked about what goes into being a water garden volunteer, so it’s only appropriate that this month we recognize one our outstanding water garden volunteers, Dorothy Martinez.   For frequent visitors to Hudson Gardens, Dorothy is someone they have met on more than one occasion.  On Wednesdays, she can be found waist deep … Continued

Bloom Watch 2023

It may not feel like it, but we’re halfway through June!  And with the arrival of July, comes the beginning of Victoria Water Lily bloom season. In celebration of this natural wonder, Hudson Gardens will be hosting our Annual Bloom Watch Party!  As we cannot know for certain when a bloom will occur (we are … Continued

How Do the Water Gardens Exist?

Everyone loves to visit and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the Water Gardens at Hudson Gardens. But did you ever catch yourself wondering how these semi-tropical wonders are created in a climate known for harsh winters and temperature changes that can swing more than 40 degrees in a day? The answer can be found … Continued

Western Painted Turtles Awaken!

With the return of warmer temperatures, some of Hudson Gardens’ year-round residents are waking up from their winter slumbers and enjoying the beautiful weather as well! One of these residents is none other than Colorado’s State Reptile, the Western Painted Turtle. The Western Painted Turtle became Colorado’s state reptile in 2008, after Jay Baichi’s 4th … Continued

Volunteer Spotlight: Lori Chandler, Guest Services

Meet Lori, a Guest Services volunteer at Hudson Gardens! “I have been a happy volunteer at Hudson Gardens since March 2019. Initially, I volunteered to help with school field trips and enjoyed working with teachers and kids during 2019. Then COVID happened… and we all stayed home! In September 2020, I again began volunteering at Hudson … Continued

Art in the Garden: “Collective Nest” by Joshua Wiener

Installed in 2013, and standing at an impressive 22 feet in height, “Collective Nest” by Denver Artist Joshua Wiener towers high above the grasses and trees in Hudson Gardens’ Songbird Garden. Constructed out of steel beams arranged in a nest-like composition with stainless steel fish and fowl interspersed among the beams providing the imitation of … Continued