With the return of warmer temperatures, some of Hudson Gardens’ year-round residents are waking up from their winter slumbers and enjoying the beautiful weather as well! One of these residents is none other than Colorado’s State Reptile, the Western Painted Turtle.

The Western Painted Turtle became Colorado’s state reptile in 2008, after Jay Baichi’s 4th Grade class, having researched Colorado reptiles and deemed this turtle the most representative of Colorado reptiles, completed all the necessary steps to have HB 08-1017 drafted and signed declaring the Western Painted Turtle as Colorado’s state reptile. At Hudson Gardens, these turtles can be found in the Wetlands basking in the sun on fallen logs or searching the water for aquatic insects, spiders, caterpillars, worms, or algae for a tasty snack. During the evening and winter months, they burrow into the muddy pond bottoms and sleep.

Western Painted Turtle
A Wesntern Painted Turtle at the gardens