Everyone loves to visit and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the Water Gardens at Hudson Gardens. But did you ever catch yourself wondering how these semi-tropical wonders are created in a climate known for harsh winters and temperature changes that can swing more than 40 degrees in a day?

The answer can be found in our team of devoted Water Garden Volunteers at Hudson Gardens and their commitment to their gardens.  Water gardening is not a 2–3-month commitment; these volunteers work year-round!  During the warm summer months, you can find them waist deep in the ponds, caring for the various aquatic plants but what goes on during the “off-season”?

Our volunteers follow a concise season-based schedule of preparing the ponds for fall and winter, which includes removing plants from the water, clearing debris and dead plant materials, and netting the ponds to reduce the leaves and other debris that accumulate and create waste in the pond over the winter.  After they’ve done all that, they take their work indoors to the greenhouse where they nurture the plants for the next season’s gardens.  All winter long, these volunteers divide, prune, fertilize, feed and water these plants so they are ready for the gardens once warmer weather returns to Colorado, usually in late May.

Want to learn more about Water Gardening? Join Dorothy Martinez, President of the Colorado Water Gardening, on July 12, 2023, at 11 am at Hudson Gardens, as she presents “Water Gardening Basics”.  Learn about the different varieties of pond plants, tropical vs hardy plants, dividing and care for aquatic plants, preparing plants for winter and more!  All participants will have the opportunity to join Dorothy for a guided tour of the water gardens at Hudson Gardens after the classroom session.  Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and see the practices and techniques that are presented during the classroom session being applied in these gardens.

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Take a peek below for a preview of what’s been growing for our Water Gardens this year!