Explore the colors, sounds, smells, and textures of our thirty-acre landscape. Our walking trails, garden exhibits, park-like open spaces, river access, and more are open every day from sunrise to sunset with no admission charge. These articles feature our most popular attractions and offer suggestions for outdoor activities. Please Note: There will not be a Summer Concert Series in 2023.

Victoria Water Lilies
Hudson Gardens is one of two public places in the Denver area to see Victoria Water Lilies. Watch this video to see a time-lapse of a bloom and learn more about the science, beauty, and strangeness of this rare plant.


Self-Guided Public Art Tours
Can you find all eighteen sculptures spread across our thirty acres of walking trails? You can get your art fix and your daily dose of nature with this free, self-guided public art tour. Learn more about our collection!

A hummingbird sips nectar out of a lilac bush.

Bird Walks
Guided bird walks are offered monthly through an Audubon Master Birder. Explore this habitat with our community of birding enthusiasts. Learn useful tips, and return anytime for self-directed expeditions.

Nixon’s Coffee House
This popular coffee shop is located in the northwest corner of Hudson Gardens at the Mary Carter Greenway Trail entrance.

Monday–Friday, 9AM-3PM
Saturday/Sunday: 8AM-5PM

Gift Shop
When you visit Hudson Gardens, be sure to enter and exit through the Gift Shop. You’ll find home and garden décor, seeds, toys and games, jewelry, local honey, and more.

Open Daily, 9AM-4PM

Turtle Pond
Originally an oxbow formed along the South Platte River, Turtle Pond features diverse habitats and micro-environments. Turtles, frogs, muskrats, raccoons, red foxes, and the occasional beaver all call it home.

Summer Weddings
May–October is peak season for weddings. With three unique venues and acres of backdrops you can’t find anywhere else, we’re one of the most coveted wedding locations near Denver.

We have many open spaces that are ideal for picnicking. You’re free to explore our thirty acres to find your perfect picnicking spot.

Honey Bee Apiary &
Beekeeping Classes
The Apiary is home to twenty beehives owned by community beekeepers. The bees pollinate plants within Hudson Gardens and the surrounding community.

Bob’s Pond (Water Garden)
Tour the incredible diversity of our planet’s aquatic plants without leaving Colorado! In addition to Victoria Water Lilies (native to South America), our water gardens include hardy water lilies native to Colorado, lotuses, and papyrus plants.

Blooming roses of yellow, pink, and red surround a decorative fountain.

The Rose Garden
Stop and smell the roses. Our Rose Garden includes Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, Grandifloras, and Climbing Roses. Learn more from our Master Rosarians at a “Meet the Rose Gardener” session (2022 dates will be posted on our calendar).

A vegetable garden. Gardening classes

The Vegetable Garden
This garden is maintained in partnership with the CSU Extension-Arapahoe County Colorado Master Gardener Volunteer Program. The vegetables represent easily grown varieties from across Colorado. All vegetables are donated to local food banks.

We oversee acres of picturesque backdrops for family photos, engagement photos, senior photos, and more. Guests may photograph the grounds without a permit if the photos are solely for personal use. Professional and commercial photographers must purchase a permit.

A woman does a headstand in the middle of a garden while practicing yoga.

Yoga & Meditation
Bring your mat and choose a tranquil section of the gardens to find your zen!

Photo Credit: UCHealth

Gardening Classes
Hudson Gardens proudly partners with CSU Extension Master Gardeners to provide hands-on gardening workshops. Check back soon for a list of upcoming classes, and get ready to grow as a gardener.

A woman in a straw hat practice plein air painting with a serene landscape of trees surrounding a pond.

Plein Air Painting
Artists are always welcome to set up a canvas and capture the unique beauty of Hudson Gardens’ outdoor displays. Take advantage of unique landscapes and flexible hours: Hudson Gardens is open to the public from sunrise to sunset, so you’ll have plenty of chances to find the right natural lighting.

The River Garden
The River Integration project is complete! This project improved connections between Hudson Gardens, the Mary Carter Greenway Trail (‘Trail’), and the South Platte River. Enjoy this new entry point between Hudson Gardens and the Trail where benches, public art, and planting beds surround an oval lawn.

A view of the oval garden at Hudson Gardens.

Evelyn’s Garden
This floral exhibit is one of our most colorful and cheerful spots, so it’s only fitting we name it after the co-founder of our property: Evelyn Hudson. Look for this oval-shaped exhibit across from the Victoria Water Lilies Pond.

The G-Scale Garden Railroad
The Garden Railroad chugs along a miniature town which mimics a Colorado landscape with waterfalls, a baseball field, and more. The train is a seasonal attraction and runs from April through September.

The Colorado Garden
The Colorado Garden features plants that grow well in our climate. It highlights plants that are native, drought-resistant, and colorful. We’ve designed this demonstration garden to showcase landscaping ideas that can add beauty to your yard while reducing your water use and supporting pollinators. 

“Sticks and Stones”
Nature Play Area
This nature play area is made from repurposed logs and stones. It promotes physical activity and imagination for kids and adults. Photographers also love to use this area as a background for portraits.