Starting Vegetables from Seed

With spring right around the corner, a lot of Colorado gardeners find themselves spending the final days of winter daydreaming about their future garden; plump, juicy tomatoes clinging to the vine, colorful stalks of chard growing heavy under their own weight while crisp carrots take root and wait to join your dinner plate. There is nothing quite like walking into your backyard and harvesting fresh vegetables to feed yourself and your family - except the feeling of harvesting vegetables you started from seed! Starting vegetables from seed may take a little more effort, but there are several advantages for the home gardener including cost, variety and quality.


Join CSU Master Gardeners and learn tips and strategies on recommended seed varieties, when to start seeds, successful germination and hardening off and transplanting seedlings. After discussion, participants will participate in hands-on demonstration and will leave with seed trays and seeds to return home and practice what's been learned in class.


Space is limited and advance registration is required. Program will take place in the classroom at the 'Hudson Residence' Business Offices.


Registration: $21/member, $24/nonmember. 


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