A Haunted History: Ghosts in the Gardens

As rich in folklore as it once was in gold, Colorado’s captivating history is steeped in legends of the rough and tumble West, scandalous stories of boom and bust and tales of hauntings and ghostly encounters that give even the hardest skeptics reason to pause. From accounts of full-bodied apparitions to phantom noises and objects that seem to move on their own, Hudson Gardens is no stranger to its share of ghostly claims and unexplained phenomena. Are these experiences a product of overactive imaginations or is there more to our story?


Bryan Bonner, a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, has spent over two decades dedicated to exploring the paranormal, investigating ghastly claims and uncovering their secrets. Join us to discover some of the methods and tools he uses to investigate the unexplained, discuss some of his most compelling experiences and explore Hudson Gardens’ haunted history. Bring your ghost hunting equipment, following the presentation, you are invited to try your hand at capturing evidence of the apparitions rumored to haunt Hudson Gardens.


Program will take place at The Inn at Hudson Gardens. Space is limited and advance registration is recommended. Not suitable for children 12 and under.


Registration: $25/member, $27/nonmember.


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