Fairytale Fun for the Next Generation


Featherbottom was Mother Goose’s only child. Every day he listened to her tales and dreamed of becoming a storyteller, just like her. When he grew up, he wrote new stories for a whole new generation of kids.

Now, Father Featherbottom’s adopted children, Florian and Finnian, are traveling far and wide to spread those tales to kids everywhere!

Father Featherbottom’s Forgotten Fairytales is an interactive children’s show featuring two actors, a collection of colorful puppets, and modern lessons for contemporary kids.

In five original stories, children will meet:

  • A cheese-mongering young woman who doesn’t need a prince to solve her problems
  • A fairy who learns the magical power of honesty

  • A goblin who won’t consent to pushy goats trying to cross his bridge

  • A robot that discovers emotions (and why it’s ok to feel them)

  • Villagers who must work together to save their town from a greedy dragon

Bring a blanket, sit in the shade, and have some FREE Featherbottom fairytale fun this summer!