Best Roses for Colorado Gardens

Growing roses in Colorado can be as challenging as it is rewarding! There are many new and overlooked rose varieties that thrive in our region, and the trick to growing those beautiful roses that will fill your garden with robust blooms, vibrant colors and delectable fragrances is choosing the right ones. Join Dave Ingram, Consulting … Continued

Self-Guided Field Trips

Hudson Gardens is an exciting place to explore and learn! Schedule a self-guided field trip at Hudson Gardens for an opportunity to connect with nature. The gardens are open 365 days per year, from sunrise to sunset and admission is free. Explore the gardens with your group at your own pace. We offer different activities, … Continued

Volunteer Spotlight

This month, Hudson Gardens would like to give a shoutout to our dedicated volunteer Jo Elen Moore! “I love working at the gift shop,” she said. “It has been a ‘gift’ to me after losing my mom last year. I was looking for something positive to occupy my time and be more active, I found … Continued

Beekeeping Basics Class (Virtual)

Are you curious about beekeeping or looking to start your first hive next year? During this class you’ll be introduced to the art of beekeeping and learn the basics needed to start your own colony. Not only will you learn the time and financial commitment to expect, but you’ll also gain practical advice on how … Continued

Wildlife Spotlight: Where do Turtles go in the Winter?

Do you ever wonder where the turtles at Hudson Gardens go once winter comes? Freshwater turtles, such as the western painted turtle and the common snapping turtle (who both call Hudson Gardens home), nestle into the mud at the bottom of our ponds. As it gets colder, their metabolism slows down. By slowing down their … Continued

Interested in Becoming a Volunteer in our Water Garden?

Join our knowledgeable team of Water Gardeners and learn first-hand how they create and care for the stunning water garden displays on view at Hudson Gardens. Get a unique, insider look at water garden installation and maintenance, learn about aquatic plants, and give back to Hudson Gardens in an invaluable way! Learn more about this … Continued

Volunteer Spotlight:

This month, Hudson Gardens would like to give a shoutout to our dedicated volunteer Janice Forbes! “I started volunteering at Hudson Gardens on a regular basis in December of 2022,” she said. “I was looking for a way to contribute to my new local community after moving here from Indiana. At first, I only helped … Continued

Hudson Gardens Winter Wedding Showcase

Make your dreams a reality at our Winter Wedding Showcase, where you and your true love can explore thirty acres of open space, tour our three exquisite wedding venues, and meet with vendors. Fall in love with your wedding venue and vendors all in one day! This event takes place Feb. 10, 2024 from 11 … Continued

Wildlife Spotlight

Have you ever seen a small, furry, brown creature on the side of Bob’s Pond or swimming in Bob’s Pond at Hudson Gardens? Commonly mistaken for a beaver, muskrats also call Hudson Gardens home. Muskrats are much smaller than beavers and have a tail that resembles a rat tail, while beavers are much larger and … Continued

Beekeeping Applications Open Now

Hudson Gardens provides opportunities for new beekeepers to learn the craft with the guidance of an experienced beekeeper through the Beekeeping Program. Classes related to honeybees and beekeeping are held throughout the season, and each year, a small group of novice beekeepers are selected to keep their hives at Hudson Gardens. If you’re interested in … Continued