Hudson Gardens is one of only two places in the Denver Metro area where the public can view the Victoria Water Lily bloom. These flowers, which are native to South America, have a fascinating, 48-hour life cycle. The flower is white and female on the first night of the bloom and releases a scent to attract beetles which fertilize it with pollen from other lilies. The flower closes and traps the beetles inside until the second night when the flower opens as a male with a purplish color. The beetles fly off to the next white flower, and the purple flower sinks back underneath the water.

Our dedicated water gardeners work tirelessly all season to care for and monitor this unique plant. Each year, we host a Bloom Watch Party at Hudson Gardens, and EVERYONE IS INVITED!

You might be wondering, ‘So, when’s the party?’ Well… we don’t know!

Typically, the bloom occurs sometime in mid-summer. Our water gardeners closely monitor the plant for signs of the bloom, and we usually have about one day’s notice before it happens. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on all things Victoria Water Lily!

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