Did you know humans depend on pollinators for about 1/3rd of our diet, and the most nutritious part of our diet including vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Did you know In Colorado, we have over 1,000 species of bees, 250 butterflies, approximately 1,000 species of moths, and more!

We have an amazing amount of pollinator biodiversity in Colorado, and do you know how can we best support them?

Join the Arapahoe County CSU Master Gardeners in this class where they cover the basics on bees and pollinator conservation. Learn to identify specific groups of bees in your own gardens, and how you can attract them to your landscape (without the risk of stings)! Learn about exciting projects like the Native Bee Watch Community Science program at CSU Extension, and how CSU researchers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to help community scientists identify bees.