With their piercing looks and spine-tingling howls, wolves inspire both adoration and controversy around the world. Let your future zoologist discover how few animals evoke the wild like wolves.

Participants will learn the importance of Gray Wolves in mountain ecosystems, the characteristics that make each wolf’s howl unique, and what it means to reintroduce a species. Then participants will sketch and paint a Gray Wolf howling at the moon through an easy-to-follow step-by-step process. This class combines science with art for an exceptional learning experience.

This program is suitable for students ages 7 and up (1st – 5th grade). The program will start indoors and include a walk around the gardens (weather permitting). Participants must wear a mask during the class and class size will be limited.

Parents only need to register and pay for the child(ren) attending the program.

*Classes may be canceled, rescheduled or moved to an online format in accordance with public health orders and/or inclement weather.