Start the new year with some restorative self-care and jump start your yoga practice (or reinvigorate it). Reduce stress, build strength and nourish your soul. An hour and fifteen minutes of movement, breath work, and meditative flow utilizing a mixture of asana (yoga postures), mudras (hand movements), and pranayama (breath work) to give a complete vinyasa. The fireside yoga class will take place in the Inn.

Jan. 11 – Release with Gentle Restorative – Continue the process of releasing the stress of the holidays with this session. Poses will be held longer to allow your body to further relax and release toxins. We will activate our chakras and begin the process of restoration.

Jan. 18 – Protect (your energy) with Qi Gong & Yoga– Now that we have released the holidays completely we will continue to build on the positive energy of the previous weeks and build a foundation for future practices. By using Qi Gong & Yoga in a vinyasa flow we will deepen our connection with our bodies and energy.

Jan. 25 – Nourish your inner Fire – With a solid foundation from the previous weeks, we will tap into the fire within that has been waiting to be released. This session will help you realize your strength while providing fundamentals to use in your own practice at home.

Participants with all levels of experience and abilities are encouraged to attend. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class and bring a yoga mat.

$20 per Member (discount applied in shopping cart)