On your marks…get set…paint!

Each year, the Oil Painters of America host the Great Paint Out.  As part of this national celebration spread over seven cities, Hudson Gardens is inviting artists to paint our thirty-acre landscape. Bring your art supplies, and be ready to capture the beauty of an autumn afternoon at the gardens. Guests are welcome to observe the artists at work! As always, garden admission is free to the public.


10:00 AM: Artists meet for coffee
11:00 AM: Plein Air Painting
2:00 PM: Artists regroup to share their work


Contact Joni Emily
Entry is free.


Joni N Emily

My artwork embraces the outdoors in a physical way, undeterred by rain, sleet, or snow. I would rather be outdoors hauling my painting gear to the edge of an overlook, the top of the mountain, and the rocky bed of a stream. As a former ski bum and a competitor in marathons and sprint tri’s, I have realized the incredible artistic opportunities in painting dramatic landscapes and the people who seek to explore them.

Andrea Gabel

Being outdoors while painting has brought me much joy and many skills, including the ability to laugh as my wet painting blows away to the bushes on a windy day. I love to paint in oil and have been using more fun and unusual techniques, colors, and styles lately that help me express more fully my unique individuality.

Cliff Austin

The subject is light and contrast. The fascination is in the way light pours, splashes, and wraps around everything we see and contrasts the everyday with the extraordinary.

Bruce Boynton

I enjoy painting peaceful landscape scenes in a fairly representational style.

Tania Rouser

I want to paint every time I see something beautiful, like an interesting combination of colors, a captivating contrast, or a subtle harmony. My paintings are the reflection of my personality and my desire to study the visual world.

Anne Marie

Anne Marie’s passion is creating beauty and helping others. As a professional artist and a founding Board member, Admissions Director, and Student Liaison at REAL Academy of Art Colorado, she gets plenty of time with both. Her students and subjects benefit from the depth of her classical training and her ability to find uniqueness in the ordinary. She can skillfully capture light and vibrant color on her canvas outdoors or in her studio space.