Need some time to relax and connect with nature?


Join Mountain Walks & Wellness for guided forest bathing inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku. Through a series of gentle sensory-awakening invitations, we will explore and share the wonders of Hudson Gardens. We will lead you through grounding meditation practices and finish with a tea gathering. All prompts, invitations, and sharing are open-ended and open to your interpretation.

Discover for yourself the many benefits of forest bathing. Studies have shown that immersing yourself in nature not only enhances your mental clarity, but also boosts your immune system. Forest bathing may help you unwind and relax and has even been known to promote a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.

Come and experience Hudson Gardens with all your senses!

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Mountain Walks & Wellness creates opportunities for people to engage their senses and experience awe-inspiring moments every day. Our company was born of a friendship cultivated in nature. In autumn of 2022, cofounder and guides, Lyndsy Fitzniak and Sarah Vochis hiked along a Colorado trail to a waterfall destination. Along the way, they stopped to look at remnants of wildflowers and to listen to the gurgling stream. Sarah and Lyndsy realized slowing down was beneficial and nurturing. By the time they reached the waterfall they decided to pursue the practice of forest bathing. Mountain Walks & Wellness brings that practice to participants through immersive nature experiences for the mutual benefit of humanity and the Earth. Both Sarah and Lyndsy are Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guides, as well as Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified. Lyndsy is also a Certified Interpretive Guide.

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Sarah & Lyndsy are Forest Therapy Guides certified through the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy. In July 2023 they completed a 200 hour training program spanning 6 months, which concluded with a 4 day immersive experience in Estes Park at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. They are also Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified.