Discover the benefits of meditation – the practice of focused concentration through breath awareness – with Denver based meditation and mindful hiking facilitator, Lauren Villegas.  The class will begin with a specific breathing exercise to address stress and help you focus on the present. Then the class will flow into a guided meditation to help with concentration, relaxation and clarity. You will leave the session renewed, and able to perform better in life and work. Learn how to manage your stress in a more holistic way that allows you to address it and move on.

What to Bring: Please bring anything that will make yourself comfortable as possible: blankets, yoga mat, yoga cushions, and dress comfy. Please also feel free to bring a journal and write anything down after the session that came up during your meditation so you can write down anything that comes up.

Participants must wear a mask during the class.

*Classes may be cancelled, rescheduled or moved to an online format in accordance with public health orders and/or inclement weather.

$25 per Member (discount applied in shopping cart).