General Photography Information

The Hudson Gardens & Event Center is a popular location for personal, professional and commercial photographers. While we encourage the use of Hudson Gardens for creative endeavors, we request that all photographers adhere to our policies to maximize everyone’s safety and enjoyment, and the long term sustainability of the Gardens.   


Guests of Hudson Gardens may take photographs throughout the grounds without a permit as long as the photos are solely for their personal use and enjoyment. Professional and commercial photographers are required to purchase a permit. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Photography Permit for Hudson Gardens, please visit our Permit page


Homecoming & Prom Photography Information

Hudson Gardens is a great place for photos on your special day! However, we ask that you be respectful of other guests who have paid in advance to reserve sections of the property. Please adhere to all posted signs and comply with the guidance of any Hudson Gardens staff member. There are no public restrooms after 5pm.


Photography permit fees directly support the mission of Hudson Gardens.


Photography Policies

We ask that all Hudson Gardens’ guests and photographer permit holders adhere to the following policies:

  • Any professional or commercial photo shoot before 9:00 AM must be authorized by Hudson Gardens

Please do not:

  • bring pets or animals. Service animals are permitted. 
  • smoke on Hudson Gardens' property
  • disrupt guest access or pedestrian flow
  • move or disturb Hudson Gardens' property
  • cut, pick or step on plant material
  • disrupt public or private events, weddings, other garden guests, or Hudson Gardens' operations or staff
  • climb tress, walls, fences, bridges or other structures, or encourage others to do so
  • enter or set up equipment in plant beds or water features, or encourage your party to enter plant beds or water features
  • operate any motorized or non-motorized vehicles (bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.) on Hudson Gardens' property

Clients and models must: 

  • Arrive camera-ready. Restrooms will be accessible during regular business hours only. Please note that there is no storage space available. 
  • Be fully and appropriately clothed. Nudity, swimsuits, lingerie, etc., are not permitted. 



Please note that Hudson Gardens' photography policies are subject to change without notice.