Corporate Venue Pricing

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At The Hudson Gardens & Event Center, we use a simple and affordable pricing structure. We do not raise prices during peak season. Once clients choose a day and a seven-hour block of time, they consult the following table to find the corresponding price. If clients want to reserve more time, they simply add the cost of each additional hour.

Daytime (before 4:00 PM)

The Evelyn Hudson Room & The King Hudson Room*

The Inn, Garden Canopy, & Welcome Garden Pavilion

Monday-Thursday $100/hour $200/hour
Friday  $100/hour $250/hour
Saturday  $100/hour $500/hour 
Sunday  $100/hour $400/hour

Evening (after 4:00 PM) 

Monday-Wednesday  $100/hour $200/hour 
Thursday  $100/hour  $250/hour 
Friday  $100/hour  $550/hour
Saturday  $100/hour $700/hour
Sunday  $100/hour $400/hour

* Please ask about discounted rates for the Evelyn Hudson & King Hudson Conference Rooms for clients who book four-to-eight-hour packages.   

Please note: This pricing table references the cost of a venue, which includes a catering preparation area, tables, and chairs. Please consult our directory of exclusive and recommended vendors for additional services.

Payment Terms & Conditions

The Inn, Garden Canopy, and Welcome Garden Pavilion require a refundable deposit with the signed contract, and the full balance is due prior to the event.