Art Installations

The landscape at Hudson Gardens is enriched with unique works of art. Features include permanent displays that have been donated along with temporary installations made possible through the South Suburban Park and Recreation District's Art-on-Loan program.


Collective NestCollective Nest (Accamando) (3)

This 22-foot steel sculpture created by Joshua Wiener towers above the wildflower meadow. The steel beams of the sculpture are arranged in a nest-like composition giving the viewer an image of nature and civilization in harmony.





Dorothy & Friends

This sculpture, crafted by Phyllis C. Beattie, depicts a young girl reading The Land of Oz with her dog at her side. This sculpture was dedicated in memory of Dorothy J. Vogt and is currently on display near the Hudson Residence Business Office.





The GiftThe Gift 1988 (Winger)

The Gift is nestled among the pine trees of the Conifer Grove along a quiet walking path. Designed by Boulder sculptor Susan Grant Raymond, this sculpture was donated by Donor Alliance, commemorating organ donors and recipients.  




Incoming Incoming (Ross)

Incoming, a bronze sculpture depicting geese in flight, was created by Stephen LeBlanc and is located on the small island at the south end of Hudson Lake. The sculpture is dedicated in memory of Ed Warner.





Iron Cycle Climb_200x150

In summer 2016, Hudson Gardens hosted local artist Maureen Hearty’s sixteen-piece Iron Cycle sculpture display. Three of the Iron Cycle sculptures were added to the permanent art collection following the exhibition. Climb is located near the Welcome Center, Flight is near the Vegetable Garden, and Water Drop can be found along the bank of Hudson Lake. All three sculptures are crafted from iron and recycled steel.





Water Drop 250x100 

Water Drop


KaleidoscopeKelidascope1 (Winger)

This interactive living sculpture designed by Robert C. Anderson is located near the Hudson Gardens Business Office. This piece was donated in memory of the lives of Joedy, Thomas, and Daniel Stegman. The sculpture features a pair of twisting kaleidoscopes that focus on live flowers blooming in a rotating bowl below. 




Mind Fields 1349 Toothpicks (Winger)

This sculpture, a collection of nine stainless steel figures, was created by Todd Siler to resemble a primitive form of one of the most complex structures in the universe.  This sculpture is a permanent installation located in Hudson Gardens’ amphitheater.





Red Dress Red Dress_200x150

This bronze sculpture set among conifer trees was created by Shohini Ghosh, and is a figurative, stylistic representation of simple moments in life. Installed in 2015, Red Dress was loaned to Hudson Gardens through South Suburban Park and Recreation District's Art-on-Loan program. Using funds contributed from a variety of donors, Hudson Gardens purchased the piece to become a part of its permanent outdoor art collection. 



Tar Baby and Ray’s Bench IMG_0965

Tar Baby, a sculpture created by Stephen LeBlanc, was dedicated to the memory of Helen Koernig, a volunteer at Hudson Gardens and a gardening enthusiast. The memorial is a bronze representation of Helen’s daughter Kate’s beloved Shetland pony. Ray’s Bench, a bronze bench created by the same sculptor, accompanies Tar Baby and is dedicated to the memory of Helen’s husband, Ray Koernig.

                                                                                                                                                                Tar Baby 







                                                                                                                                                              Ray's Bench


Under a Watchful Eye and Hanging AroundUnder a Watchful Eye (Ross)_200x150

Stephen LeBlanc is a sculptor with a passion for wildlife and the great outdoors. Hanging Around portrays two bear cubs climbing a tree, while the mother bear looks on in Under a Watchful Eye. Both sculptures were created in clay and then transformed into metal. Both pieces can be found at Hudson Gardens' west entrance, adjacent to the Mary Carter Greenway Trail and the South Platte River. The pair was selected for placement by the City of Littleton Fine Arts Committee in 1996. 

                                                                                                                                                        Under a Watchful Eye


                                                                                                                                               Hanging Around