Water Gardens

The Victoria Water Lily Pond and the Robert “Bob” Hoffman Water Garden display a diverse collection of aquatic plants at Hudson Gardens. 


Victoria Water Lily Pond

The Victoria Water Lily Pond houses a collection of lilies that are native to the Amazon. These unique species are grown and displayed in only a few locations in Colorado. The Victorias produce massive leaves with diameters of three feet or more. In late July to early August, the Victoria plant produces night-blooming flowers that appear for only 48 hours. During each flower’s bloom cycle, the blossom changes overnight from female to male.


Robert "Bob" Hoffman Water Garden

Renovated in 2014, the Robert “Bob” Hoffman Water Garden, or 'Bob's Pond', is home to a variety of aquatic plants and wildlife. Lotus bloom throughout July and August in the garden producing hundreds of towering blossoms that change color over the course of their three-day bloom period. A variety of hardy water lilies and bog plants are also featured. Adult bullfrogs, tadpoles, crayfish, snakes, and even muskrats can be found inhabiting the Water Garden, while dragonflies and damselflies whisk above the water’s surface. This garden is named in honor of Bob Hoffman, a long-time leader, volunteer, and advocate of Hudson Gardens. His passion, dedication, creativity, and countless hours of service are manifested in numerous aquatic plant exhibits in The Gardens. 

Water Gardens

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