Garden Wildlife

Hudson Gardens is home to a diverse population of living creatures, making the area a wildlife paradise that contributes richly to the South Platte River Valley ecosystem. 


A Birder's Paradise

Nearly 100 different species of birds have been observed in and around Hudson Gardens. During the spring, Bullock’s Orioles, Northern Flickers, Canada Geese, and Barn Swallows nest throughout the gardens, while Mallard and Wood Duck families take advantage of the plentiful resources in the Wetlands. Dozens of species of birds, including hummingbirds and woodpeckers, visit the bird feeders in the Songbird Garden throughout the year. Some of the most popular bird residents are the Kingfishers, Great Blue Herons and Redtail Hawks. Visitors can borrow binoculars at the Welcome Center or join a monthly bird walk with an Audubon Master Birder from The Front Range Birding Company.  

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Animals Abound

Hudson Gardens is also home to a number of mammals including cottontail rabbits, muskrats, mule deer, coyote, beaver, and raccoon. Bats fly above the ponds in summer feeding on insects. Reptiles such as painted turtles and snapping turtles are frequently found in the Wetlands and sometimes garter snakes and bull snakes can be spotted in the tall grass. Perhaps the most popular residents of Hudson Gardens are the American bullfrogs that live and breed in the ponds and wetland areas.


Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

Insects and spiders can be found hiding in special insect hotels near the Honey Bee Apiary, while bees and butterflies collect nectar and pollen from flowers. Majestic dragonflies whisk through the air around the water gardens. 



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