Educators' Guide

Tips for a Successful Field Trip


A well-planned field trip is a valuable extension of classroom learning and will help you gain the most value out of your time exploring Hudson Gardens. This guide is designed to help you get here, plan a meaningful learning experience and ensure a smooth visit.



Arrival and Departure

Prior to unloading students, all buses and vans should first go to the loading zone located directly in front of our Welcome Center where a Field Trip Greeter will meet you to assist with checking in, unloading students and parking.

  • When you arrive, prior to unloading students, please have an assigned adult check-in with the Field Trip Greeter. If the Greeter is not outside, waiting for your group when you arrive, the Welcome Center staff can assist you in notifying the Greeter of your arrival.
  • Students must remain seated on the buses until a Field Trip Greeter arrives and provides further instructions for unloading and parking.
  • Please note that other groups may be scheduled to visit that day. We ask that you arrive at your scheduled time so that our Field Trip Greeters will have ample time to greet and orient your group.
  • If your group is running late, please notify us at your earliest convenience.


Student Unloading and Parking

  • Upon meeting your group in front of the Welcome Center, the Field Trip Greeter will guide bus drivers to the ‘student drop off and pick up’ location and the closest available parking.
    • Vans and small buses may use the main parking lots but will be asked to park in designated spaces to help us manage the unloading/loading process while maintaining the safety of the students.
      • If your group must park and unload in order to maintain required ratios, please check in as outlined above and our Field Trip Greeter will assist you with parking and unloading students.
    • Buses are asked to use the large, gravel south parking lot.
    • Parents and chaperones may park anywhere in the main parking lots.
  • Field trip groups should enter and exit the Gardens using the roll gate located just south of the Welcome Center front lawn.
  • As your group unloads, we ask that chaperones and students gather on the gravel path located just inside the gate until everyone is accounted for. Once your group is ready, your Field Trip Greeter will guide the group into the Gardens where they will welcome your group, orient you to the Gardens and introduce the day’s activities.


Things to Know Before Your Visit

  • Groups are required to have at least one chaperone per ten students. Additional chaperones are strongly recommended. The Hudson Gardens reserves the right to refuse admittance to groups with too few chaperones.
  • Assign chaperones to groups of students prior to arriving at Hudson Gardens.
  • You are welcome to bring snacks/lunches with you on your visit. Secure lunch storage or indoor lunch facilities are not provided.
  • Please bring your own bins or wagons for transporting lunches from your bus and clearly label your bins/lunches with your school and class names.
  • Outdoor picnic tables and seating areas are available for group use.
  • Hudson Gardens Explorer Packs are guided by the chaperones in your group! To ensure that your students get the most from their experience, it is highly recommended that all chaperones are familiar with the activity guide for your chosen Explorer Pack.
  • Become familiar with the Hudson Gardens’ map and garden features and share this information with chaperones.
  • Please review and share the Chaperone Guide with all chaperones prior to your visit.
  • Familiarize yourself with and review the following Field Trip Expectations with your students:
    • Learn something new! Explore, discover, investigate, observe, and ask questions while visiting Hudson Gardens.
    • Be respectful of all living things!
      • Please do not touch, chase, catch, or disturb wildlife such as geese, frogs, and other animals. Feeding birds and other wildlife can be harmful to the animal’s health.
      • Please leave the flowers and plants for the bees, butterflies, and other animals that rely on them for food. Please do not pick flowers and other plant material or walk in flower beds.
    • Be safe! Make sure to stay with your group and keep away from dangerous situations and activities.
    • Stay dry! Irrigation, pond, and fountain water is all non-potable and unsafe for hands and drinking. Please avoid active sprinklers, hoses, or entering the streams and ponds throughout the Gardens.
    • Enjoy the outdoors! Explore and enjoy Hudson Gardens but please refrain from entering the rental areas such as the canopies and buildings.


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