Chaperone Information

Take the time to review and share these guidelines with your students, staff and parents to ensure an excellent visit to Hudson Gardens.


  • Plan to have at least one chaperone per ten students for your field trip.
  • Assign chaperones to groups of students prior to arriving at Hudson Gardens.
  • Know who is in your group and keep your group together while exploring Hudson Gardens.
  • Play an active role in your group’s learning experience. Facilitate program activities, ask open-ended questions, prompt observations, and encourage exploration and discovery.
  • Review the field trip expectations (below) with your students. 
  • Check out Hudson Gardens’ map and features and preview the Activity Guide for your field trip (if applicable) before visiting.

Field Trip Expectations

  • Learn something new! Explore, discover, investigate, observe, and ask questions while visiting.
  • Be respectful of all living things!
    • Please do not touch, chase, catch, or disturb wildlife such as geese, frogs, and other animals. Feeding birds and other wildlife can be harmful to the animal’s health.
    • Please do not pick flowers or plants, as the bees, butterflies, and other animals rely on them for food. 
  • Be safe! Make sure to stay with your group and alert Hudson Gardens' staff to any unsafe situations or activities.
  • Stay dry! Irrigation, pond, and fountain water is all unsafe for hands and drinking. Please avoid active sprinklers, hoses, streams and ponds throughout Hudson Gardens.
  • Enjoy the outdoors! Explore and enjoy but please refrain from entering the rental areas such as the canopies and buildings. Because space in the Welcome Center is limited, field trip groups should enter and exit from the outdoor gate.  

Know Before You Go! 

  • You are welcome to bring lunches and snacks with you on your field trip. A climate-controlled lunch storage area is available. Please bring your own bins, coolers, or wagons to transport lunches from your bus. Clearly labeling your bins/lunches with your school and class names makes for a more enjoyable lunch hour. 
  • If a student gets lost or injured during your field trip, please notify the closest staff member or go to the Welcome Center. 


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