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2015-16 Beekeeping Classes at Hudson Gardens

Hudson Gardens offers a comprehensive series of beginning beekeeping classes offered throughout the year. Topics covered include pollination, overwintering, and everything in between! If you are thinking about becoming a beekeeper, or are already keeping bees but want to deepen your knowledge, our classes are for you!


Beginner Beekeeping Series
This series of six classes offered throughout the year will help prepare you for your first year of beekeeping. You’ll learn how honeybees make honey, how to set up your first hive, how to keep your bees through a tough Colorado winter, and everything in between! There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion at the end of each class with Hudson Gardens’ Lead Beekeeper Bob Shiflet.

All classes will be held in The Inn at Hudson Gardens.

You may register for classes individually or receive a 10% discount by registering for the complete series with the Queen Bee Package!

  • Individual Class: $24/member, $27/non-member

  • Queen Bee Package (includes all six classes in the Beginner Beekeeping Series): $130/member, $146/non-member

To register for an individual class or for the Queen Bee Package, call the Education Department at (303) 797-8565 ext. 306 or visit

The six classes included in the Beginner Beekeeping Series include:

Honeybee Hive Management

The Amazing Honeybee: Pollination and Beyond
Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 6-8 PM

Did you know that it takes about 556 honeybees, visiting two million flowers, to make one pound of honey? Learn amazing facts like this in this fascinating introductory session about honeybees. You’ll take an in-depth look at the honeybee and explore its staggering impact on our lives. This course will also uncover the basics of pollination and plant biology, including an overview of other common pollinators and their connection to native and non-native Colorado plants. The role of the honeybee as the world’s most important pollinator will be emphasized.


Honeybee Hive Management

Beekeeping Basics
Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 6-8 PM

Are you curious about beekeeping or looking to start your first hive next year? During this class you’ll be introduced to the art of beekeeping and learn the basics needed to start your own colony.Not only will you learn the time and financial commitment to expect, you’ll also gain practical advice on how to get your hive off to the best start. The class will then delve into the basics of establishing a hive, including choosing the “right” honeybees, selecting an appropriate hive management system, and securing the essential tools and equipment. And because every good beekeeper needs to know the “rules”, this course will wrap up by reviewing the current local laws and ordinances that surround hobbyist beekeeping.


Beekeeping Express Denver, CO

Honeybee Hive Management Systems
Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 6-8 PM

Learn why “bee space” is important and how to choose a management system that will maximize the efficiency of your hive.This session will cover the various hive management systems that are available for housing and maintaining your colonies. You’ll glean insight as to how the different systems impact seasonal management (including honey extraction and re-queening), and the importance of selecting compatible equipment.


Honeybee Hive Management

Hive Startup: Installing Nucleus Hives and Package Bees
Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 6-8 PM

Don’t miss this essential class covering the best techniques for installing package bees and nucleus frames into new and existing hives. You’ll uncover the ins and outs of nucleus hives versus package bees, and how to select your bees’ genetic stock based on an overview of the various honeybee races. This session will also include an in-depth discussion of queening a hive, including marking, placing, and encouraging acceptance.


Honeybee Hive Management

Honeybee Hive Inspections
Wednesday, April 13, 2016, 6-8 PM

Learn a systematic approach to opening and inspecting your hives to gain maximum efficiency with minimal upset to your honeybees.This class will provide essential insights on how to open your hives, make assessments about the conditions inside the hive, troubleshoot problems, and record your observations. This discussion will also outline the impact of weather on hive conditions and how it affects inspections.


Beekeeping Express Denver, CO

Overwintering Honeybee Hives
Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 6-8 PM

Learn what happens to honeybees during their “dormant” winter months and what you can do to carry your hives successfully into the next season. You’lllearn how to assess the strength of your colony and determine the appropriate amount of honey stores your hive will need the upcoming winter months, including when and how to provide supplemental feeding. This class will include discussion on the various methods available for protecting your hives from wind and cold, and how each method impacts honeybees. The course will conclude with a review of winter pest management techniques and an off-season “to-do” list for improving your beekeeping knowledge and skills.


More Beekeeping Classes

Honeybee Hive Management

Beekeeping Express
Wednesdays, January 6 and February 10, 2016, 5:30-8:30 PM

Don’t worry… it’s not too late to learn how to get a hive started in 2016! Spend time with Hudson Gardens’ Lead Beekeeper Bob Shiflet for this intensive two-part course spanning the basics of starting, inspecting, and maintaining a healthy colony of honeybees. All topics covered in the Beginner Beekeeping Series will be covered and natural beekeeping management methods will be emphasized.

Class will be held at The Inn at Hudson Gardens.

Registration: $100/member, $110/non-member. Call the Education Department at (303) 797-8565 ext. 306 or visit to register.


Honeybee Hive Management

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Topics in Beekeeping
Wednesday, August 12, 2015 5:30-8:30 PM

What pests and diseases do beekeepers need to worry about in Colorado? Why, how, and when should I make a split? Is a combine the right solution for my weak hives? Learn the answers to these questions and more, during this course designed for experienced beekeepers. Led by Hudson Gardens’ Lead Beekeeper Bob Shiflet, this course will offer ample opportunities for questions and discussion regarding several not-so-basic beekeeping topics such as pests and diseases, splits and combines, advanced hive inspections, and honey harvesting. Participants must have at least one year of beekeeping experience.

Class will be held at The Inn at Hudson Gardens.

Registration: $24/member, $27/nonmember. Call the Education Department at (303) 797-8565 ext. 306 or visit to register.


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